Returns Policy

Returns Information

Here at, we understand that sometimes there are some complications, or issues that may need to be alleviated with the occasional order. We enforce a strict, but fair policy when it comes to any, and all return claims, assuring both parties are given equal security with both the purchase end, and the sale end. If you place an order for nootropics with us, and the package is lost in the mail, this is a problem that must be taken up with the courier company. Once the package has left our facility, the responsibility for the arrival of the package is passed to them.

However, in a case where you have received the incorrect product when ordering one of our modafinil or armodafinil products, this is a problem that we will resolve. As sometimes mistakes do happen, we have fair leniency in assuring these issues are handled immediately. If you receive a package that is damaged, or includes damaged products, we require an email with pictures showing the damage on the package, or the product. This must be sent within the first 7 days of delivery in order to be considered a rectifiable issue. Contact customer support with any questions.

Return Agreement

In the situation where a return is agreed upon by our customer service department after reviewing the claim, each case will be handled individually. If your return claim has been granted, following the supporting information and pictures required, it will be handled through email support, with the steps required to complete it laid out in a straightforward manner. At no point will your return request be accepted if the supporting documents are not shared, or if the request is based on buyers remorse.

It will be up to our staff to determine how a return is handled. This means that our team will determine whether the customer is entitled to a cash refund, or if we will exchange the product for another product. If the situation arises where a return is granted, and the mistake was at no fault of ours, the customer is entirely responsible for the cost of shipping both the returned product, and the new product.

Refund Agreement

We are unable to offer a refund on any order once payment has been made. Any refunds will be granted at our discretion following a review of why the refund has been requested. We withhold the right to deny any claims being requested if our team finds the claim to hold insufficient reasons for a return to be granted. When enquiring about returning your smart drugs, we take all information into consideration before determining whether a refund can, or cannot be granted. We will then relay this back to the client making the claim. If a claim has not been supported by the required information needed to begin the process, we will deny the claim immediately.

When initiating your claim, everything must go through our customer support team, via email to ensure proper documentation is able to be reviewed. If you have received the incorrect item, like Modvigil instead of Artvigil, we withhold the right to deny a refund, but will resend the correct order at our expense. The customer is still required to address the matter through customer support to open a claim.

Charge Back Agreement

When you order medications, like Provigil, or any others we offer from our online pharmacy, you are legally agreeing to not request a chargeback through your bank. If you have made a request for a refund, and it is denied, we will not accept a chargeback to occur without repercussion. In the scenario where a chargeback is executed, the client will be blacklisted from using our services in the future. We reserve the right to challenge any charge-back placed against us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please forward them to our customer service team, who will be happy to help you.

Contact us

If you have any further need to speak with us in regards to orders placed for Modalert, Waklert, or other medications we offer, please locate the 'contact us' section of the website. Here, you will take notice of a fillable form to be filled out and submitted. After it is reviewed, we will quickly respond to handle the situation at hand.