Privacy Policy

Here at, we are always sure to take privacy seriously, in accordance with the requirements in both the UK and EU regarding data collection and usage. When using our website to purchase any medication, you accept and agree to any privacy policies we have in effect to their fullest. We hold the right to adjust, change, or remove any policies that we have listed here without any notice, or notification to previous customers.

We will not accept any responsibility for issues brought to our attention in regards to privacy issues that are listed here on this page. If you disagree with any policies we have, but continue using our services, you have forfeited your right to have these issues further investigated by our team.

Information We Collect

When you use our website, several bits of information with be automatically stored in our system. This information can include things such as the browser you are using, the operating system installed on your PC, and your networks IP address. This information does not require a purchase to be made for our system to collect it. Once you have logged onto our website, this information will be automatically shared. This type of data may be shared with some 3rd party solicitors, however, never for anything malicious, or that will bring danger to you or your system.

We also collect identifiable information when a purchase is made with our website. This information can include the clients name, address, phone number, and payment information. This information will never be shared with anybody outside of our system, and never sold to any 3rd party solicitors for any reason. When buying nootropics from our website, we ensure that we take private information very seriously.

Why We Collect Information

When you choose to order smart drugs through our online marketplace, there are several reasons why we collect the data that we do. By keeping user information in our system, it allows for future orders to be processed more quickly and efficiently. This helps us to ensure that every individual receives the greatest experience when using our services.

What We Do with the Information We Collect

We do not do anything with your private information, except use it to make future orders simpler to process, by keeping customer data on file. This is a practice used by most, if not all online marketplaces. This also enables us to pass along any information that may be useful for the client in the future. This can include emailing promotional information about products similar to ones previously purchased, or sales on medications that were previously purchased. It also allows us to personalize each users online experience.

Why We Use Cookies

Collecting cookies is nothing new to any website online, and has been standard practice for a long time now. The reason for cookies is simply to help the website remember any information that may have been involved with your previous visit. This will assist with previous login information used, and fillable forms that were previously filled, tailoring future website experience specifically to our clients needs.

If you recently purchased modafinil on your last visit, your experience may be more tailored to medications similar to this one. On the other hand, if you purchased armodafinil on your last visit, your experience will be more tailored to this medication, or ones similar to it instead.

Client Confidence and Data Protection

Every bit of data that is stored on our systems is done so with a highly secure 128-bit network, ensuring the highest level of difficulties for anyone trying to access it. This simply means that the network is protected by a 128-character password, essentially. This system is regularly updated as new technology is released, to ensure we always offer the highest level of security.

Our services also include SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) payment protection, which is the benchmark in payment encryption, assuring your payment information is always safe.

Any Questions

If you have any further questions in regards to our services, please view our other information pages. Clients can view our terms & conditions page, our FAQ page, delivery information page, as well as our privacy policy and returns policy pages. These pages should answer any other questions you may have. If you do not find the information you require, feel free to contact our customer support team through the 'contact us' page.